My better half is terrified of deep water. He stays propped in the sand instead. He watches me swim out too far past the warning signs waiting to jump down from his white throne ready to guard my life. Half way too far I would paddle water seeking out a blur I knew was him. […]

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We’ve glamorized the process of making friends. Blockbuster movies never show you the hardships that crush life long friendships, never show you how people grow apart, and never show you how making connections as an adult is so difficult. On this set the director has forgone professional connections to support the separation of church and […]

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Finally Found It

Chapter One White. Everything white, a kind of white that one wrong breathe can stain the walls of my mind and the doctors don’t give me the kind of meds that clean those kinds of stains. I don’t live in black and white, only white, any kind of black could kill me. Only a small […]

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I use to be stronger than this. I use to see the shots coming and be able to calculate which ones I could absorb and the ones I needed to brace for. But my sunglasses cracked, there’s a glare of sunshine right in my eye, blocking my judgement. I don’t see anything coming but the […]

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Are you an adult?

Welcome to Wonderland where nothing is as it seems. The adults are really well harnessed kids, the toys got more serious and responsibility is optional. As children we look up at the giants with such praise and respect. We see them tower over us with knowledge we wish we had, experience we wish we accrued […]

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You Can’t Protect Progress

If there is a lesson to be taught with getting hurt then why do we avoid it? We will do anything to not feel any ounce of pain. We’ve designed the very drugs that numb the sensitive parts of us. We are so often lead to believe that the only true growth, lessons or progress […]

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I’m not gone. I got a little lost but you always find your way home.

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U. #3

I want to be blown away but every time I start to loose my footing it’s a constant reminder that your wind is too faint. You can huff, puff and see my enthusiasm for the next step of your failure. It’s not your fault, I’m just hard to please and easy to despise. I don’t […]

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